How to Purchase the License of WizNote Server Docker Image


If you want to activate the collector service ( include saving the WeChat articles, Weibo posts, Web pages, and emails), you need to purchase the license firstly.

How to purchase

  1. Sign in your admin account to visit your server manage page, choose the License and click the Purchase License button

  1. It will open a new tab of the purchase page. Sign in your account of the WizNote official server, so you could check the purchase record in the future. And then click the Purchase button, input your enterprise name, the count of users, and the period of service you want to buy, then click the OK button.

  1. Scan the QR code to purchase via WeChat and Alipay(purchase with CNY), or click the PayPal button to purchase(with USD)

  1. After the payment, you will obtain the license

How to add the license

Copy the license, paste to the text area that showed at the admin manage page, click the Update button, then you are all set.