WizNote Server Docker Image
Free for under 5 users
Windows/MacOS/Linux supported

Host WizNote Server on Your Server via Docker Image

You could host the WizNote server via docker image without any IT background knowledge. It concludes all features of WizNote server and service of circumstance. After deploying, the web application is accessible immediately. Now you could share the documents and files in the same LAN with your colleagues.

  • Follow the instructions, install Docker desktop first, then start the wiz container.
  • Visit your server via IP or domain name to register accounts or create a team.
  • The docker image is free to use, you could sign up five users at most.
  • There is no time limits.
  • You could use WizNote desktop and mobile applications to connect your docker.
  • The applications could be forbidden to keep all data accessible in LAN

Click to download WizNote Server Docker Image

Standardized service and products deployed flexibly

  • Server application, web service, and database are all packed into a Docker image, and it allows you to complete the deployment through single lines of command. The docker image assures the consistency and standardization of the environment.

  • Choose your hardware or seamless hosted on the servers your team already have.

  • Private Cloud supported.

  • Also can host on Ali Cloud, Tencent Cloud, AWS, and Microsoft Azure.

  • Both internal and external networks are available to adapt to complex network environments to meet cross-network requirements. It can also be deployed across multiple secure domain networks to support cross-network access.

Customized Development to Meet Diverse Needs

1. Integration with existing IT infrastructure

Support single sign-on, automatic account creating, can connect AD, HTTP, third-party APP, and other existing account systems. It could release your users from remembering lots of passwords to reduce the promotion cost; can also connect existing SMS, mail gateway.

2. the Mobile SDK embedded

Embedded cloud notes as a functional extension in an enterprise's existing mobile applications.

  1. Cloud Note Feature Expansion

A Cloud Note function supporting save the text from other modules like mail, SMS or Wiki to Note, can also be used to share notes to the IM, and to control the read and edit authorization.

  1. As an editor kit supported other function

For example, when creating meeting minutes in module 'Meeting,' it could call for cloud note component for editing. Then save it in the "XX Conference" as directory and "XX Conference Issues" in cloud notes for easy reading, searching and sharing.

3. API customization

Based on creating, viewing, sharing, and searching for notes, the third-party system could call for API custom development.

Keep Application Updating as SAAS

  1. All platform applications, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and tablets, update as the same update frequency as SaaS service to ensure a functional experience.

  2. The deployment based on Docker could simplify the update method of server and web applications

Visual Data Analysis

The data analysis system, which supports statistics on documents, attachments, index, and also the user behavior, allows evaluating the effort.

Security and Control

Data Security

  1. Distributed storage technology, automatic migration if the server down accidentally, multiple data backup, etc., to ensure data security and reliability;
  2. The document compress as the public HTML format and ZIP, which facilitates data migration;
  3. Certificate encryption, data preserved in ciphertext, RSA 1024bit & AES 256bit algorithm;
  4. Full link supports SSL.

Authority Controllable

  1. Data administrator and sharing administrator can setted in the admin background;
  2. For group sharing, you can set up team administrators and group administrators;
  3. The operation rights for notes can divide into super members, editors, authors, and readers;

Applications Reliable

Support server load balancing or dual hot standby; Web applications, Android clients, have passed CodeDex, Rational AppScan, SecDroid code security checks, and vulnerability detection.

Service guarantee

  1. Training Services: provide diverse training services for operators, developers, and general users;
  2. Maintenance Services: Provide remote, on-site, and other service methods; localized personnel support is available.