WizNote Lite release notes

3 weeks ago



  • Fixed the issue that can not cancel the selected status after selecting all content.



  • New: Change window view by hotkeys:
    • Ctrl + 1: only show note content area
    • Ctrl + 2: hide the tag list and note list
    • Ctrl + 3: show all the section of the window
  • Click the icon or press Ctrl + click the link to visit the link
  • Left-click an image can activate the editing of the image, right-click the image, choose Change or Delete in the menu
  • Optimized the notification when can not upload notes
  • Fixed the issue that the math formula can not render when pasting some text which includes math formulas to Lite
  • Fixed the application freeze issue when input { in the Echart code
  • [Windows] Fixed the issue that the input method is shown in the wrong position



  • New: In-app-purchase on macOS.



  • New: Table of Contents The panel could float or pin on the window, which makes the long article more comfortable to read or write
  • New: Menu of Table Set the number of columns and rows by clicking the icon on the top left corner. Insert a row above or a column after support hotkey. Copy table as markdown or HTML for pasting to multiple places.
  • New: Export as a markdown file
  • Fixed the bug that can not draw a User Journey Chart
  • Fixed the bug that can not resize the view after being zoom out



  • New feature: Export as PDF
  • New feature: Export as Image
  • You could get the latest WizNote Lite on Microsoft Store or Mac App Store
  • Join the open-source project: Github / WizNote Lite



  • Support macOS and Windows(win 7/8/10)
  • Live preview markdown editor
  • Generate tags by inputting #tag/sub tag#
  • Star Notes
  • Full Screen