User Terms of Service


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What is the WizNote Service

The WizNote service refers to the creation, transmission, storage or display of content in the account, and the above content is published and transmitted as a link or other forms, including but not limited to: external link sharing, email sharing, picture sharing, and paid subscription services. Before you can use the WizNote service, you first need to create an account for WizNote; before you need to use the WizNote sharing service, you need to verify your identity with your mobile phone number and upgrade to VIP. Unless otherwise specified in these Terms of Service, these Terms of Service apply to all products and services provided by WizNote, including WizNote X and others.

What rules do I need to abide by when using the WizNote Service

Your use of this service must comply with these terms. When it comes to your use of this service, you agree to be responsible for your own actions and all actions under your account. This means that for all content created, transferred, stored, or displayed in your account, such as text, pictures, software, videos, and any other content you can think of, regardless of the form or technical structure (collectively referred to as “content "), you will be fully responsible for the content creator or the person who introduced it to this service

  • Comply with any applicable laws, including applicable international treaties or conventions;
  • Comply with all contracts, guidelines, regulations, procedures or notices related to this service;
  • Keep your account information properly, and notify us immediately of any illegal use of your account or a security breach in your account;
  • Ensure the security of your uploaded and stored data, for example without viruses, Trojan horses and other harmful programs;
  • Do your own proper and timely backup of your data.

Your use of the service must comply with these terms and applicable laws and regulations

You agree:

Do not use the resources and services provided by us to store, publish, and disseminate the following information or content, and do not provide any convenience for others to publish such information (including but not limited to setting URLs, banner links, etc.):

  1. Oppose the basic principles stipulated in the Constitution of the People's Republic of China;
  2. Endangering national security, divulging state secrets, subverting state power, and undermining national unity;
  3. Damages the honor and interests of the People's Republic of China;
  4. Inciting ethnic hatred, racial discrimination, and undermining unity within the nation;
  5. Those who undermine national religious policies and promote cults and feudal superstitions;
  6. Spreading rumors, disturbing social order, or undermining social stability;
  7. Contains nudity, sexual exposure or is considered by us to be exposed;
  8. Encourage gambling, violence, homicide, terror or incitement to criminal behavior;
  9. Containing threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, reputational, intrusive, hateful or unpleasant from a racial, ethnic or other perspective;
  10. Insult or defame others, or infringe on the legal rights and interests of others; or
  11. Contains any other content prohibited by laws and administrative regulations from time to time.

According to the relevant laws and regulations, and considering the importance of serving WizNote products, you agree to:

  1. Submit valid and accurate personal information for real-name authentication when registering an account;
  2. Provide timely, detailed and accurate account registration information;
  3. You are not allowed to make profits, any improper means or violate the principle of good faith to open this service for yourself or others;
  4. Everyone must take full responsibility for all actions and events in their account, and may not sell or loan account. If you do not keep your account number and password and cause damage to yourself, the company or the third party, you will be fully responsible;
  5. If the registration information you provide to the account is inaccurate, untrue, or contains illegal or undesirable information, Weizhi Note Company reserves the right not to register and reserves the right to terminate your use of WizNote's services.

User privacy system

We respect your personal privacy, please review the "Privacy Policy" carefully. If you use WizNote, or continue to use WizNote after updating the "Privacy Policy" for WizNote, you agree to the privacy policy and authorize WizNotes to process your personal information in accordance with the privacy policy

We know that Notes will not disclose or disclose your information to third parties unless:

  1. With the user's consent;
  2. Relevant laws and regulations or legal service procedures for the Zhiyin service (including but not limited to manual review of content shared with external chains as required by relevant regulations)
  3. In an emergency, to protect the rights of users and the public;
  4. Other situations that require disclosure, editing, or disclosure of personal information according to law.

Limitation of Liability

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, the WizNote clearly stated that it does not provide any other type of warranty, whether express or implied, including but not limited to marketability, applicability, reliability, accuracy, completeness, No implied warranties and responsibilities without viruses and errors.

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, WizNote and its licensors will not make the following statement or guarantee to you:

  1. Your use of the service will meet your needs
  2. Your use of the service will be continuous, uninterrupted, timely, safe or error-free;
  3. Any information obtained by using related services is accurate and reliable;.
  4. Any operation or functional defects that occur to any software provided to you as part of the related services will be corrected.

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Wuzhi Note is not caused by your use of WizNote, or in any way related to the products and services of WizNote, any accidental, indirect, special, or indirect Damage or request (including but not limited to personal injury, leakage of privacy, failure to perform any liability including integrity or reasonable care, compensation for negligence and any other monetary or other losses) Take any responsibility.

Service Fee

  1. You understand and agree that Wisdom Note has the right to make reasonable adjustments to the current charging methods, payment channels, and charging standards according to actual needs, or charge a reasonable service fee for some currently free service items, if you do not agree to charge for Wisdom Note For the cost of this item, you have the right to quit using the service or terminate the use of knowing notes.
  2. You understand and agree that WizNote has the right to decide whether to charge for new service items, and you have the right to choose to accept or reject the service of this item.
  3. If you accept the charging item of WizNote, you should pay the fee according to the charging rules of WizNote; if you do not pay the fee or arrears, WizNote has the right to suspend the withdrawal or stop providing this service to you.
  4. You hereby confirm and accept that regardless of whether there is a contrary agreement in this agreement, once you open a paid service for the team, the team cannot revert to the free version; once you open a higher version of the team service for the team, the team cannot be reduced to a low Version service. If you do not pay the fee or owe the fee, WizNote has the right to suspend or stop providing all services to the organization.

Service termination

  1. You can terminate this agreement at any time at your discretion, but unless otherwise stipulated in these terms, you will not have the right to ask WizNote to refund the fees paid or deduct your fees payable as of the termination date.
  2. In view of the particularity of network services, if you are a free user, WizNote reserves the right to change, interrupt or terminate the service at any time without notifying you. You confirm and accept that Wisdom Note has the right to change, interrupt or terminate the service, and Wisdom Note does not need to be responsible to you or a third party.

If we find that you violate the provisions of the above clauses, we have the right to take corresponding measures according to the situation, including but not limited to immediate termination of service, suspension of service or deletion of corresponding information. You are fully responsible for the results caused by your actions (such as self-installed software and operations). In addition, you will be liable for any damages suffered by any third party due to your violation of the above-mentioned clauses, and if Weizhinote suffers losses due to your violation, you shall also compensate such losses for WizNote