Unleash creativity with knowledge

Create a powerful knowledge graph - from personal notes to team wiki

More than documentation

Professional & user-friendly to meet the needs of various scenarios

- Apply to professional editing of various types of Markdown, code-blocks, etc.

- Upload local files and preview online in real time

- Save contents from third-party platform to specific notes in one click

Record everything to build a visualized knowledge graph

- Organize & structure information with label and tree directory

- Locate target contents in no time with full-text search

- Build up connections in between notes and implement fast citations with two-way link

Real-time collaboration, highly-efficient edit and share

- Personal users can share notes with others anytime by adding collaborator

- Teams can co-edit together by enabling real-time online collaboration

- Comment makes real-time feedback and discussion possible

Multi -terminal synchronization, record anything from anywhere

- Provide multiple versions including web, PC, mobile client and other devices version

- Editor collects fragmented information and syncs to Wechat directly

- Offline editing protects data when network signal is poor

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