Introduction of Deploying WizNote Server Docker Image


We have launched the images adapted for ARM 64, and ARM32(v7). If you are using these systems or Raspberry Pi, please follow the instructions of the Linux system. We have uploaded the server docker image to Docker Hub. You could host WizNote Server on you

WizNote Web Clipper


WEBCLIPPER MORE CUSTERMIZED OPTIONS * You could save the website to local storage or upload it to cloud storage. * Clip Modes supported. * Available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. * You can choose a folder to save in * Add comment to the note MULTIPLE B

WizNote url2wiz Service: Save the webpage via URL


Url2Wiz ServiceYou could save a webpage via Url2Wiz service without installing any application. Generally, it is for automation service such as or Shortcut on iOS. It is capable of adding a bookmark for saving any webpage.How to get your Mywiz Ma

为知笔记 Android 版


产品下载 * Google Play 下载 * 直接下载 * X86 版本下载 * 查看更新日志 版本更新 版本 7.9.3 * 优化多图笔记打开速度 * 优化:下载网页剪辑笔记时保存网络图片 * 修复提示「SD 卡不存在的」问题 * 修复移动笔记时等待较久的问题 * 修复存储空间不可用问题 * 修复保存阅读进度异常的问题 * 更新支付宝支付组件 近期更新 1. 新增:手写笔记 2. 新增:编辑笔记时执行自动上传 3. 新增:代码段自动换行选项新增:手机号绑定支持国际号码

Failed to sent the feedback email


🙈 Sorry, failed to send the feedback emailYou could also get support in ways below * Check the User Manual * Please feel free to call us: 400 - 650 - 4330



😊 Thanks!We have received your feedback, and we'll reply to you soon.You could also get support in ways below * Check the User Manual * Please free to call us: 400 - 650 - 4330

WizNote User Manaul


User ManualWindows ClientAndroid ClientiPhone ClientiPad ClientMac ClientWeb AppLinux ClientWindows Client Plugin

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